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Edathirinji.Com Email  - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Who will be eligible to get Email Address ?
ANS : At Present All Members, Reporters, Official Photographer, Political Leaders, Local Youth Organizations  & All Edathirinji Welfare Association Members - (EWA Dubai & EWA Edathirinji Members) are eligible to get email address from us.
2. When other Edathirinji Peoples Will Get Email Address ?
Ans : We will try to give very soon to all required peoples those who are staying in Padiyoor Grama Panchayath.
3. Is it possible to configure this mail address with MS Outlook or Outlook Express ?
ANS : Yes, It is possible to configure for email clients. There is an option to autoconfigure your email client. After Sign in there is an option for Autoconfigure Email Client.
4. How to protect my email address ?
ANS : After Sign in your account, please change your password and do not share your password to any one.
5. What is the format of E-Mail Address ?
6. If I forgot the password or problem with accessing email, What I will do ?
ANS : Contact members.